Quick guide to safe blogging

Quick guide to safe blogging

Quick guide to safe blogging

Safe blogging is a balancing act. Consider how much information you share and what information you keep private. Review what information you share on your blog whenever your circumstances change.

Limit personal information

Limit the amount of personal information you put online. The limit should include information about your family, especially children. Don’t upload any photos or videos with geo-location information. If you are not sure, don’t upload it. Increase your safety by turning off ‘Location settings’ on your devices before taking photos or videos you will share online.

Use a pseudonym

Consider using an assumed name or a nickname. This is the first step in protecting your identity and reducing the risk of someone taking offence to your post or tracking you down.

Use a private forum

Blogs can be set up as a private forum giving you the means to decide who can read your blog. Setting up your blog so that you need to accept subscribers before they have access can help you limit who can see your personal information and views.

Safety tip: Remember that any reader can copy your private post and put it on a public forum.

Screen readers’ comments

Most blogs allow readers to comment on each post; some blogs limit who can comment on your post; while others are more secure and require the blogger’s approval before they are posted. Regularly review who your subscribers are.

Report and block

… anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Quick fixes for existing blogs

Have a friend or family member read your blog articles (posts) before you publish them. Ask them to look for anything that may give away too much of your personal information or put you at risk. A second set of eyes can sometimes see things in a different way.

If there are unpleasant or distressing comments or messages placed on your blog or they become repetitive and even sexual, make screen captures of each entry so that you have evidence if you need to take things further. Then delete the messages so other readers, employers etc.

If you feel threatened or at risk, contact the blog site and make a report identifying that you are being targeted by a user. If you think the risk is higher, contact your local police.

Remember, what goes online, stays online.

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